Measuring - How It's Done.

01 Height
Around Seat
06 Upper Arm
Length of Back
Inside Sleeve
11 Outside Leg
Inside Leg
Upper Leg
Around Knee
16 Ankle
Shoulder Width
Outside Sleeve

Taking measurements. It's easy.

1. Height:
Stand barefoot against a door frame. Place a book on your head. Position your head, make a mark where your head is and measure. Our tailors need to know how tall you are to check the proportions, no matter whether you are ordering a two-piece suit, jacket, or pants.

2. Neck:
Usually identical with your collar size, perhaps a little less. Measure your bare neck.

3. Chest:
Position the measuring tape at the highest point of your armpits and around the widest part of your chest and back muscles. Breathe normally. Is your chest wider than usual, i.e. from working out? Are you a swimmer? Please note this on our order form under „Sports".

4. Waist:
Place a string or a small belt around the smallest part of your waist and measure. Do not remove the string or belt yet.

5. Around Seat:
Men measure around their rear. Women measure around their hips. What our tailors need to know is the measurement around the widest part of your lower body.

6. Upper Arm:
Flex your biceps and measure. If your muscle is well-developed, please make a note under „Sports".

7. Forearm:
Place the measuring tape around the largest part of your forearm, directly under the elbow.

8. Wrist:
Measure the thinnest part of your wrist.

9. Length of your Back:
Start measuring at the lowest neck vertebra (lower edge of your shirt collar) down to the string or belt around your waist.

10. Length of Inside Sleeve:
Hold an angle iron, a ruler, or a notebook tightly under the highest place under your arm. Measure from the upper edge to the place where you measured the circumference of your wrist.

11. Outside Leg:
Measure from the string/belt around your waist down to the floor, making sure you are barefoot. You can now remove the string/belt.

12. Inside Leg:
Pull up your pants all the way. Position the measuring tape at the crotch and measure to the floor.

13. Upper Leg:
Measure around the upper leg, above the thigh muscle, a few inches below the crotch. Bicycle riders often have well-developed thigh muscles. If you are one, please note this on the order form under „Sports".

14. Around the Knee:
Measure the smallest place below the knee joint.

15. Calves:
Measure around the thickest part of your calf muscle and shin. Athletes or runners often have well-developed calf muscles. If you are one, please note this on the order form under „Sports".

16. Ankles:
Measure the smallest area slightly above your ankle.

17. Overall Shoulder Width:
Measure your back from the middle of one shoulder joint to the middle of the other.

18. Shoulder Bone to Neck:
This is the width of your shoulder from your neck (where you measured the neck width) to the middle of the shoulder joint. Men typically measure about 6-8 inches (15-20 cm), women usually about 5-6.5 inches (13-16 cm)

19. Length of Outside Sleeve:
Measure from the middle of your shoulder joint to the place where you measured the circumference of your wrist. Leave your arm hanging downward.


How much do you weigh?
We need to know your weight so that we can check it against your measurements and make sure the overall measurements make sense. If possible, please send us a photograph of yourself, standing and wearing clothing that fits snugly.

Are you active in sports?
Please let us know if you are involved in sports and which ones. This can be an indicator for certain characteristics in your measurements.

We need your exact body measurements in inches or cm to customize your order.  If you measure in inches, please include half or quarter inches also.

Jackets: 1 - 10, possibly 17, 18, 19. (Ask for help when measuring 17, 18, 19 if you need to.)
Pants: 1, 4, 5, 11 - 16.
Two-piece suits - One-piece suits: 1 - 16, possibly 17, 18, 19. (Ask for help when measuring 17, 18, 19 if you need to.)

Measure while wearing the underwear that you usually wear under your motorcycle outfit. Please do not add sizes. Leather outfits should be worn right on the body, textile clothing either over your regular clothing or underwear. We already calculate a certain leeway according to our experience in tailoring, making sure your outfit is as comfortable as possible.