European test standard prEN 1621-1 for impact protectors


Test Procedures

Measurements and classification for CE protector types (sizes) A and B, Sizes of the test templates in metric mm
S = Shoulder, E = Elbow, K = Knee, H = Hip, L = Shin

The protector size is tested with templates. The protectors are classified in type A or B. The measurements of the type B protectors are designed to meet the needs of most motorcyclists. However, in some cases, type B protectors are not appropriate for ergonomic reasons. In these cases, type A protectors provide a good alternative. The test template has to cover the entire surface of the protector.


The protectors are conditioned for 24 hours at a temperature of 68°F (20° Centigrade) and 65 % relative humidity. They are then removed from the climatic chamber and immediately placed on a probe with a sensor. A drop weight of 11 pounds (5 kg) above the protector is dropped three times. The sensor measures the residual energy.

Acceptable EU-Limit: measurements: 35.0 kN
Test Result Erbo measured force in [kN]
(no individual value at 50 kN)
Protector test
Elbow Knee/Shin Hip
1 25,8 24,7 26,0
2 24,9 25,4 24,8
3 25,9 23,7 25,1
Total 76,6 73,8 76,0
Mean value 25,5 24,6 25,3

Test result =
Mean value of
9 individual measurements:
25.0 kN