Some background information about European standards for motorcycle clothing and protectors



As in the United States, there are no standards in Europe with regard to protective clothing and protectors. It is safe to say that there will not be a common standard in the future. However, there is a European testing standard, abbreviated prEN 1621-1, for impact protectors in motorcycle wear.

This standard establishes a unified testing procedure to be used by clothing or protector manufacturers who intend to have their products qualified for sale in Europe and who want to offer their protective wear in all countries of the European Union. The result of this testing procedure determines whether manufacturers can market the protective equipment as "protectors" or simply "protective padding".

Erbo manufactures motorcycle wear with protectors as well as garments with protective padding.


We recommend the use of CE tested protectors in leather clothing used for motorsports and for riding in sportlike conditions. Please remember that only certain critical areas of the body are being protected. There are always limitations with respect to the protective effect described. It is important that you follow the instructions how to care for your garment and any warning statements.

We recommend CE protectors for Cordura textiles with waterproof, breathing membranes. The Cordura thread is strong, but the material's surface is rough. This material reacts differently in a crash than leather. Any necessary repair will be more expensive because of the many layers of material involved.

We suggest: Click through our web pages about CE protectors and find out everything there is to know about them. If you have questions, contact the experts in our workshop: