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Cleaning Erbo CE Protectors

Our protectors require no special care or cleaning to preserve their protective capacity. During the regular care of your leather garment, i.e. external cleaning and conditioning, you do not have to remove the protectors from the outfit.

Make sure to check the seams of the protectors after every crash or accident. Damaged seams can affect the proper positioning of the protectors. If you see external damage to the protectors and are not able to remove them yourself, have the manufacturer exchange them.
Store clothing with protectors in a warm, dry place. Do not place any heavy or sharp objects on top. Hang jackets and two-piece suits on clothes hangers for storage.


Do not
dry clean
Do not
Do not
Do not
Do not
tumble dry

The above symbols for the care of your protectors are the same as for leather clothing.

The care instructions for textile wear may be different. Please remove the protectors from the lining before washing.