This is how a cowhide becomes leather


We live with them.

We drink cow's milk, eat yoghurt, butter, cheese, or hamburgers. Should we wear clothes made from cowhide?

Since the skin of these animals cannot be consumed, it has to be removed after the animal is slaughtered. In principle, it is waste that is refined thanks to the skilled handiwork of the tanner and "reborn" this way.

The photos are courtesy Lederfabrik Schmidt-Feldbach Ges.m.b.H. in Feldbach/Austria, a former supplier (ca. 1985) who is now one of the major players in the industry and supplies mainly the automotive industry.


Several years ago our local supplier of fresh milk (a farmer) asked us to host his cows on the grassland in front of our workshop. As a result of a dry summer the grass on his pastures was insufficient.

We quickly noticed how hardly these cows "worked" all over the day to deliver in the evening three or four gallons of milk.