Nieheim -- right in the heart of Europe:

Nieheim, a small, active town in the Westfalen region, is situated in the triangle between the cities Paderborn - Hoexter - Detmold where the mountains of the Weserbergland turn into the so-called Eggegebirge and the forest region Teutoburger Wald. Nieheim is a certified resort town and known for its clean, healthy air.

The scenic, wooded landscape and its winding roads are a motorcyclist’s paradise. Cyclists find relaxation and fresh air. Nearby, you can visit the following attractions: Hameln, known for its legend about the Rat Catcher, the natural monument Externsteine near Hom-Bad Meinberg, the Hermann Monument at the entrance of Detmold, an historic residency of 19th century rulers, the impressive monastery Corvey near Hoexter or Paderborn, a city which honors its traditions and is proud of its historic cathedral.

Motorcyclists are a welcome sight in Nieheim.


Welcome in Nieheim/Westfalen, Germany

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They can find excellent food and service in the "Ratskrug", right next to Nieheim’s City Hall, an historic building from the time period Weser Renaissance. The owner, a butcher by profession and motorcycle enthusiast himself, makes sure that no one goes home hungry.The "Berghof" Hotel offers a restaurant with excellent cuisine, comfortable guest rooms, and the best view of Nieheim and its landscape.

For longer vacations, families or organized motorcycle trips, we suggest renting small apartments at the "Natur-Ferienpark" (for information call +(49) 5274 8424).