Screen Rip32 - 0,52 MB, decompressed - without Help for immediate useCapture your Flash Window.

Flash does not permit to store the designs you have created. A simple printing and scanning would falsify the colors of your design.

Here we offer Screen Rip32 (Win95/98/NT compatible) for download to capture your Flash screen. Screen Rip32 is a screen capture utility used to either capture the entire screen, portions of the screen, or particular windows.

It's very useful if you need to grab images of programs, or see something on the web you like, just select it! Very user friendly and designed as freeware. Allows you to create animated GIF's, save images as icons, bitmaps, JPG's, and GIF's.

Screen Rip32 - 0,52 MB, decompressed - without Help for immediate useDownload without installation / no Help
Screen Rip32 - 0,37 MB, winzip compressed - including HelpDownload (+ Help) as .zip
Screen Rip32 - 0,4 MB, self-extracting compressed *.exe file - including HelpDownload (+ Help) as self-extracting .exe


After you have opened your desired suit design in a new window, and after having chosen your colors, please open Screen Rip and select from the menu bar
Capture Image  –>  Grab Window

Place the mouse cursor in the center of the window. A black frame will appear and mark the area of the screen to capture. Press any button of your mouse and transfer your picture to Screen Rip.

Store your picture:
File  –>  Save as ..  –>  yourpicture.jpg

We recommend JPG's for best color results. Send your design as e-Mail attachment to the address mentioned on your graphic.